Teaming up with singer Syauu for a sweet collaboration on the single “America,” artist Andreas S. Möhle creates an emotionally expressive song that’s full of hope, dreams, and the ultimate reminder that home is where the heart lives.  In this particular instance, the setting is “America” – the land of promise; and you’ll hear beautifully written lines with imagery that humbly details what it’s like to make a massive move in life that takes you from one side of the world to the other in search of a better life.  Chances are there might be more than a few of you out there right now that have made similar journeys, or had similar experiences in traveling somewhere new…the excitement, the heartbreak of leaving home, the newfound opportunities, and the joy of finding a new place where you belong…there are so many different feelings, thoughts, and emotions that surge through a situation like you’ll hear in the theme of “America” – people out there will connect with the up/down mood-swings that a moment in life like this can create.  At the end of the day, from the exceptionally sincere tones of Andreas’ guitar, and Syauu’s graceful beauty on the microphone, this collaboration brings the sweetness to the surface – and it’s the hope, possibilities, and opportunities that lay ahead of them in their future that make the most resounding impact.  They sound great together on this single, and if it’s “America” that Andreas and Syauu are seeking out through the tale of this song, they quickly get us right onboard with them, rooting for them to get where they want to go in life and see their “wishes come true.”  Have a listen to “America” by Andreas S. Möhle featuring Syauu and check out the video below!