My new project for freedom and peace in the world

The project that I have realized with musicians from all over the world and that is in line with the mission of "Doctors Without Borders". Together with a large number of musicians from different parts of the world, I have produced a song that I composed, which is about peace and freedom on earth. The accompanying video shows how musicians from all nations join together to form a "Big Line" to set an example for peace and freedom. I would like to use my project to raise funds for this organization. The message of my song and video, which emphasizes unity and solidarity across borders, reflects the values that this organization represents. I strongly believe that art and music can have a transformative power to create awareness and effect positive change. By uniting our voices, we can help alleviate the plight of those suffering the consequences of conflict and crisis. I am happy about every donation to enable medical help for people in crisis areas.